Getting Started: How It All Works

These getting started pages will guide you through the basics of customizing the Issuu viewer interface.

It works this way

When someone opens a publication, Issuu reads a configuration file called layout.xml. This file contains information about what background to use, what buttons to show, where they are located, and so on. Now Issuu knows what to display and where to get it. It then fetches all the needed design resources from a graphics file somewhere on the net.

..and this is where you come in.

Your task is to create this graphics file, and then modify the layout.xml file to tell Issuu where to place your graphics. The graphics file can be an Adobe Flash SWF file or basically any image on the web.

Your new interface design (also called a theme) can be used with any Issuu publication embedded on a webpage or opened in a new window.

So, let's get started.
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