Hyperlink Actions

You can make links inside your documents to perform different actions, like jumping between pages, downloading the document, printing and much more.

Adding hyperlink actions to your publication is identical to adding any other hyperlink to your publication. The different actions, like jumping to a certain page, are activated by adding different URLs corresponding to the type of action you want.

Adding hyperlinks to your publication is done in your layout software (like Indesign, QuarkXpress, etc.).


URL Description
http://issuu.com/action/openurl?url=url Go to URL
http://issuu.com/action/pagefirst Go to the first page
http://issuu.com/action/pagelast Go to the last page
http://issuu.com/action/pageprevious Go to the previous page
http://issuu.com/action/pagenext Go to the next page
http://issuu.com/action/page?page=pagenumber Go to a certain page number
http://issuu.com/action/index Open the index
http://issuu.com/action/fullscreen Switch to fullscreen
http://issuu.com/action/share Open the share window
http://issuu.com/action/print Open the print current pages window
http://issuu.com/action/flag Open the flag window
http://issuu.com/action/embed Open the embed wizard
http://issuu.com/action/info Open the information window
http://issuu.com/action/gotopublication Open the publication on issuu.com
http://issuu.com/action/comment Go the the document comments section
http://issuu.com/action/download Download the document
http://issuu.com/action/search Open the search window
http://issuu.com/action/zoom Zoom in/out
http://issuu.com/action/viewmode?mode=mode Change view mode. There's three different layout's available: magazine, presentation, and paper.

Note: It is not possible to create your own actions.


In this Indesign example, I'm adding links to my contents section so my readers can jump directly from the contents page to my different chapters. I've selected the text, and added the URL: http://issuu.com/action/page?page=8 in the hyperlink window. This will take them to page 8 if they click on the link.